About the company

InnovEco Australia is innovative engineering company with expertise in chemical engineering for mining industry, waste water treatment and metal spraying.

InnovEco Australia is part of a global group with products distributed in over 15 countries across North America, Europe and Asia. Formed in 2003, InnovEco Australia's mission is to bring innovative solutions and ecologically-friendly technologies to benefit Australia.

InnovEco works with customers to identify, test, package, deliver and service technologies - many of which have been proven over many years in tough climates and rugged working conditions.

Dymet is InnovEco's leading product due to its versatility ranging from its use in restoration of metal parts and anti corrosive coatings for the automotive and energy sectors through to aerospace and defence applications.

About Dymet Technology

The name Dymet comes from Dynamic Metallisation - a direction of Cold Spray technology characterised by the operation at relatively low pressure of the gases used in the metal deposition process.

Dynamic metallisation technology or Low Pressure Cold Spray is based on the idea of kinetic bombing of substrate with metal powder particles. Due to supersonic velocity the particles bond with the treated surface on subatomic level, which guarantee high adhesion of interface and high cohesion of a homogenous coating.

Unlike thermal spray processes Low Pressure Cold Spray operates at almost room temperature. Cold-sprayed materials experience little or no oxidation during the process and the coatings show high densities and conductivities. This makes the Dymet technology unique.


Major Applications of Dymet

There is a large number of applications where the Dymet technology can be used, and more applications are found by the developers and end users every month. Most of these applications are quite unique. For example, InnovEco has developed and implemented in the plastic undustry a special process for creating non-corrosive gripping component for the couplings used in plumbing and irrigation.

Meanwhile, the most common Dymet applications are in the repair and restoration of the metals products. These works include engine blocks, camshafts, oil pans, alloy wheels, moulds and dies, various automotive components including vintage cars, printing rollers, bearing seats, castings and other metal items.


• Mining
• Oil and gas
• Automotive
• Surface finishing
• Building and construction
• Defence
• Aerospace and aviation
• Marine
• Repair and maintenance
• Metal casting and machining
• Tooling and prototyping
• Power generation and transmission

Types of coatings

• Electroconductive
• Anti corrosive
• Hermetic coatings
• Anti-seizure
• Heat resistant
• Spark shield
• Solder priming
• Decorative
• Special applications
• Reflecting

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