Low Pressure Cold Spray Equipment Dymet

There has been a series of Low Pressure Cold Spray equipment models developed under the trade name Dymet historically. The current model is Dymet 423. Dymet 423 is a portable device designed for the deposition of aluminum, zinc, copper, nickel, tin, lead metal coatings. It is also capable of sand-blasting surfaces. Equipment is designed for use with specially formulated powder materials provided by InnovEco (See the list of powders below).

Dymet 423 consists of 2 major blocks - a stand comprising a control unti and two powder feeders and a spraying gun. It can be operated manually or integrated in automated and robotic systems.

Download Dymet 423 brochure.

Dymet Specifications

Compressed air:
• Maximum compressed air input pressure 12 bar (170 psi)
• Compressed air consumption 0.3-0.4 m3/min
• Compressed air purity free of water and oil
• Compressed air operating pressure (inside Spraying Gun DM45) 5 8 bar (70-120 psi)
• Compressed air operating temperature (in the input of the nozzle) 200 600 C

Power supply:
• One-phase alternate current of 501 Hz and 220 V
• Maximum power consumption 3.3 kW
• Noise level in operation without shielded box not exceed 75 dB
• Powder consumption 0,1-0,8 g/sec
• Time required to reach operating condition no more than 10 seconds

Dimensions of the equipment:
• Rack assembly - 550260480 mm
• Spraying Gun (with handle) - 45080175 mm
• Spraying Gun (without handle) - 45064 mm

Mass of the equipment:
• Total mass of the equipment - 20 kg
• Spraying Gun (with handle) - 1,7 kg

Auxiliary equipment

In addition to the spraying equipment Dymet 423 we can supply the following auxiliary equipment:

• an exhaust ventillation unit consisting of a ventilation box where the spraying process can be performed, a cyclone needed to capture and if possible to recycle the metal and cermic particles bounced during the sprayng process and a fan with engine.

• a set of special nozzles for spraying babbit powders on to metal substrate with the equipment Dymet 423. The set consists of a supersonic nozzle CK20 and two special inserts BKK-35 and BKC-8.

The special babbit nozzle inserts are charcterised by extended length and larger diameter than standard inserts. This design creates conditions for the babbit metal particles to be accelerated in the nozzle and melted upon impacting the substrate. This ensures a strong bond between the deposited layer and the substrate.

These elongated nozzle inserts for the deposition of babbit powders are used for the restoration of sliding bearings. They can also be used tfor the repair of surface defects (frictional damage, scratches, bumps, etc) on manufactured metals componentns or previously deposited metal layers.

Powder materials for Dymet

There is a number of powder materials specially formulated to be used with the Dymet spraying equipment.The major components of the powders are metal powders produced by special atomisation techniques. The main metals used in the Dymet powders are aluminium, copper, tin, zinc, led and nickel. Depending on the application the metals could be mixed with each other and with ceramic pwoders. To selecet a powder for a particular application you can refer to our list of Dymet powders, that can be downloaded from the link below.

Download the list of powders

• Mining
• Oil and gas
• Automotive
• Surface finishing
• Building and construction
• Defence
• Aerospace and aviation
• Marine
• Repair and maintenance
• Metal casting and machining
• Tooling and prototyping
• Power generation and transmission

Types of coatings

• Electroconductive
• Anti corrosive
• Hermetic coatings
• Anti-seizure
• Heat resistant
• Spark shield
• Solder priming
• Decorative
• Special applications
• Reflecting

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